New Music Friday 07.05.21

“Totally Get It”

Une selecta faite d’enjouement polyglotte et de bien d’autres things  :

Laborde – Tranqui, No Llores Mas (feat. Nawan) / Ava Akira – Locket (y2k edit) / A.G. Cook – Xcxoplex (withe Charli XCX) / Siera Wiski – Wishbone / Baba Ali – Black Wagon / Swim School – Outside / VR Sex – Dog Complex / Scotch Rolex – Omuzira (feat. MC Yallah) / Munki – Sheep Mentality (feat. Madbrain) / The Toxic Avenger – Stage One / Silly Boy Blue – The Fight (Orchestral version)

—– o —–

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