New Music Friday

Strangely enough, I only became aware of the New Music Friday thing a few weeks ago.
I’m starting this new spotify/youtube playlist that I’ll update at least every other Friday with the new stuff.

Here are the tracks collected in the last 15 days until a few hours ago, very fresh. Hope you’ll like it.
I always feel like saying that I don’t like many tracks in general but I am at the same time amazed by the quality of what I find (almost) every week. Let’s stay alive and eat vegetables.

CHAI - Let's Love
Nasty Cherry - What’s The Deal
Ecco2k - In The Flesh
Cobrah - Good Puss
Darlyn Vlys & Amarcord - Talking Modern
Crumb - Balloon
A.G. Cook - Beautiful Superstar (EASYFUN remix)
Danny Elfman - Kick Me (Zach Hill remix)
Scotch Rolex - Success feat. Lord Spikeheart
Alan Vega - Filthy
Miguel - Triangle Love
Du Blonde - Smoking Me Out
Briston Maroney - Bottle Rocket
Kenny Mason - 43
Spelling - Little Deer
Anjimile - In Your Eyes (Reflection) feat. Jay Som
Silly Boy Blue - The Riddle (Caro ♡ remix)
The Armed - All Futures
Bassides & SOPHIE  - Crazy Expensive
Still Dreams - Last True Love
Love Object - Transparent Woman
Wave Racer - Left Behind

youtube / spotify @pipidefreche
+++ Another playlist in the long run
with my favorite moves of the year,
updated un peu tout le temps :

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